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Office green tip: bring your own water cup
The YIBEN product has become the product of choice for many families today




Office green tip: bring your own water cup

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Tired at work, we will to break room to drink saliva, give your body a break, but this time we will be able to actually do the environmental protection, because if you are using their own this kind of glass to replace disposable paper cups, so you can save a piece of a piece of the forest again.

This is not a very new problem, this is a warning, and if you don't pay attention, this earth mother will blow up like a grenade. We all have bad days in there, environmental protection is in every aspect, like everybody go out to drink water, buy a bottle of water is very cheap, drunk finish to throw. The bottle is a waste of time, can bring cup oneself to bring cup oneself, the actual buy this bottle, the bottle take home to have a lot of function to use.